Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letters to my baby!

Today is December 21st

Hey Baby Gavin! This letter is going to tell you all about your adventure getting here! So as I said before, Mommy was put on bed rest and had been laying down for about a week and a half before the doctors decided that it was time for you to come. Mommy wasn't due to have you for another 3 weeks.

The doctors had been running test on both of us to make sure we were okay and trying to keep you in there as long as possible. Mommy and Daddy would go to the hospital to have these test done. It was November 2nd around 7:30pm when Daddy and Mommy had gone into the hospital for the third time for the test. On the way there Daddy had asked me if I thought this could be it, that they were going to keep us in the hospital and say it was time for you to come. I quickly said, "No, we will be back home in about 2 hours!" Boy was I wrong! :) When we got there it was the same as usual. They ran test and I laid on the bed while they put your heart on the monitor and watched you. You always looked great and your heart beat looked beautiful every time! We had been there for about 2 hours when Daddy went to get a drink from the machine. He met our nurse in the hallway and I could hear them talking as they walked in. With great big eyes your Daddy walked in behind the nurse mouthing to me that, "This was it! We were staying here!" I could feel my face get hot and chills went down my back! I was excited to meet you but was also nervous because you were having to come early! The nurse explained that my blood pressure had gotten really high and they needed to deliver you because I could be in danger of having a seizure!  After a while they moved us into another room so that we could deliver you the next day!

It was about 11:00 at night when Mommy was able to call your Honey to tell them that you were coming the next day! She was sleeping but I think that woke her up pretty quickly! :) Daddy also called your Granny and Papa to give them the news. It was about midnight when Mommy finally got to go to bed. They were giving me medicine which made me feel really tired. Your Honey and Grandpa, Aunt Katy and Aunt Megan, Granny and Papa, and Aunt Jackie had all come to the hospital to be there when you arrived. The nurses were all telling us that it would be a long day and that you would probably come that afternoon.

Mommy had fallen asleep again but when I woke up Daddy was talking with the nurses. The Nurses explained to me that my blood pressure was getting really high and I was starting to shake while I was sleeping. They also said that your heart beat was dropping every time Mommy had a contraction and that we needed to have an emergency c-section to get you out quickly! The doctor came in and looked at the information and agreed that we needed to have a c-section. Before Mommy knew it Daddy was changed into hospital clothes and Mommy was being taken back to have you. It all happened really fast! They took Mommy in first and when they were ready Daddy came in the room and sat next to me. We waited for a little while and all of a sudden the doctor said,"It's a BOY!" Daddy said he could see your little legs in the air as the doctors took you out and a few seconds later we heard you cry! They took you over to a table to clean you up and clean out your mouth and nose so you could breath. They told Daddy to come over there. A few seconds later Daddy brought you over for me to meet you! You were so cute, bundled up in a blanket with a little cap on your head!

I only saw you for a second because Daddy and the nurses needed to take you to the nursery so that they could put you under a special lamp to keep you warm. Here are some of your very first pictures your Aunts and Honey got of you!
 This is Daddy bringing you in right after you left me!
Your very first nurse wrote this on Daddy's scrubs and put your feet prints on there too!
 He is watching you closely! It all happened so fast!
 And these are your very first pictures!! You can't be more than 5 minutes old!
You have the famous pucker! You, Mommy, and Honey all did this when we were born! :)

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  1. This almost made me cry! That day was such a crazy day! I don't think I knew just how crazy it really was! But it was definitely one of the best days of our lives!!