Monday, February 22, 2010

New Hope Church!

Driving 45 minutes for church?!?! Yea, James and I do, but I have to say that Pastor Tim is our favorite Pastor we have ever listened to! This is a Church in Pearland that we started going to about a year ago. Pastor Tim is a really down to earth guy who really does a great job getting God's message across! We absolutely love him! He has an "e-campus" where they show his sermon online every Sunday! It is really neat, and he always starts by welcoming all the people around the world that are watching. When I say around the world I really mean it, there are people as far as Afganistan that are watching!! Isn't that awesome that he can spread God's word to people so far away?!? So I wanted to add a link to the website so that if anyone was interested they could check New Hope Church out too!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :)

On the bottom right you will see WATCH...just click there at 9:30 or 11:00 on Sunday morning and you can watch him live! They also have a list of past sermons you can watch if you'd like!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I guess I spoke to soon :(

I don't know how information can get so mixed up nor do I think I will ever understand it. Like I mentioned before, after surgery my doctor came out and told my husband and family that everything looked good, she did find a small growth, which was clear in color, so she did not think it was endometriosis and burned it off.

Well......two weeks after my surgery I went in for a post surgery consultation. The doctor started off by showing me the pictures of my insides :) and went on to explain where my TWO growths were?!? This was the first I had heard of a second growth. Then she told me that I have mild endometriosis.

As you might suspect I was very sad and disappointed but most of all confused. I thought maybe I heard something wrong at the hospital. I just couldn't believe that I thought everything was ok and all it would take is time to now hearing that I have both PCOS and endometriosis!

Needless to say this has been very difficult for James and me. The day after finding all this out I made an appointment with a fertility specialist. They were able to meet with us really quickly and we had our first meeting with him today. After going over my history he explained that I have less than 3% chance each month of getting pregnant. But this is where the bad news ended!

I have to say that when I was looking at different doctors I told James that they better be an aggressive one, and I have to say he definitely is! My favorite quote he told us today is that situations like mine are pretty much the bread and butter of what they do everyday!

I really feel good about him and I think this is where we should be. He said that with everything that he does he can take our <3% to 30% chance. Average women have a 20% chance each month! Finally the odds will be in my favor!! YES!!! :)