Sunday, January 24, 2010


On January 20th I had my first surgery! This was such a scary experience and I was really nervous. I really never thought I would need surgery for any reason. But, I am happy that my first surgery wasn't for anything to serious and that it went so smoothly.

About a year ago I started to realize how many different pains and symptoms you feel in your body from day to day that you chalk up as being normal or as growing pains. I learned that my body isn't working exactly right and started really looking into it. Through this search, and talking with my doctor, I realized that some of my pains might not be normal and could be something more serious. So with my doctor and family, I decided to go through with a laparoscopy, a surgical procedure that takes a camera inside your body and looks at everything.

This is how my surgery day went:

Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. James and I left for the hospital. My Mom and sister were meeting us there later on. When we arrived at the day stay area I was taken into my pre-op room by one of my nurses, Sara. I am really thankful that Sara was my nurse. She was a very sweet lady from Scotland, who really helped calm me, made me laugh, and took my mind off of the surgery. I had a different nurse come in to put my IV in. She had a hard time getting the needle in my arm. The first time she tried a few times and then thought the needle might be dull and went for another.The second time finally went in. My Mom and sister came in my room right after this. I was really glad that they came! It was nice having all of them there with me.

After a while the place where my IV was still stinging. I didn't want to sound like a baby, but I told another nurse, Jennifer, and she said she was going to move it because it should not still hurt. Once she moved the IV she saw that the original place had puffed up and said that if we had left it, all the meds would have whelped up in my arm! So glad we moved it.

Around 9:30 we started to get ready to go to the operating room. The anesthesiologist came in and started putting the meds into my IV as they wheeled my bed down the hall. They asked me if I was feeling anything, which at that time my eyes were just a little tired. When we got into the operating room I saw my doctor in all her surgery wear. It was definitely nice to see her familiar face.

At this point I can remember them asking me to move over from my bed to the table. They then asked me to put me right arm out and then told me to put my left arm out. I looked over at my left arm where they were putting it and then that's it. I don't remember anything else! The next thing I knew, I was back in a waiting room, waking up with a new nurse next to my bed typing things into a computer. I quickly tried to ask her what they found. She told me that everything was clear and they didn't find anything wrong! The doctor did find a growth that she didn't think was serious and burned it off.

After resting awhile, they let me go home. I pretty much slept all Wednesday. Any movement made me feel so sick which is the worst feeling. I think this was from all the medicines. Thursday - Sunday have felt pretty similar to each other with each day getting better and better. Where they cut had been pretty sore and has now started to bruise, but for the most part isn't to bad. I am on pain killers though! :) Most of the pain is in my shoulder. During the procedure they fill your abdomen with carbon dioxide so they can see everything. This gas later found its way into my shoulder which was where most of my pain was from.

I am so happy that it's over, that everything turned out well, and that I got good news. Family can really help so much and I am so thankful that my family was able to come down and support me! And, I have a wonderful husband that has done such a wonderful job taking care of me these past few days!

Sorry this was such a long post! I want to remember all of it! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First steps in redecorating!

As I mentioned before, I am ready for my house to have a new look! I got up today, and while James was golfing(Go figure!) :) I went shopping! I was determined to come home with something. So as I looked around I was inspired to start with the shelves that hang in my kitchen/dining area. When we first moved in we pretty much just threw them up and put some stuff on it. It was ok, but not what I wanted. Here is what it looks like now.
And here is some closer looks!

I love the little bird on this shelf! I was talking to myself (in my head, not out loud, I'm not that crazy) about wishing I could find a cute little bird and this one popped up literally in the next isle! It was meant to be!
So that is what it is for now! I am sure I will move it around again at some point. I'm not sure we could move it much more though! If only you could see the holes we made to get it where it is now! hehe!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My life as a golfer's wife!!

My husband has a few say the least :) One of them is golf, and I have to say he's pretty good. Since the beginning of our relationship this has been a fun time that we can relax and enjoy together. Golf courses can really be a peaceful place when you listen to nature around you and look around at all the pretty plants, ponds, animals, and green grass.Through the years I have evolved from the girlfriend that road in the golf cart eating star bursts, and sunflower seeds (our constant golfing snack) to the wife that has her own golf clubs and can actually make contact with a ball and have it go in the right direction, but still pretty much rides in the golf cart eating star bursts and sunflower seeds :) haha!!

Last year James qualified to play in the Houston Amateur Competition! I was so proud of him and It was a lot of fun watching him play. His mom and I walked to whole coarse together while James' dad caddied for him. This is his first tee off of the competition. His mom and I literally had just got there and took this picture! We had to stop at Starbucks!!
James and he's dad waiting for his turn to hit his ball.
There is his name on the score board!
So this is it so far, but I am sure that I will have more of this life to share with you!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finding my inspiration for my home makeover!

Have you ever felt like taking everything out of your house, trashing it, and starting all over?! Well that's pretty much where I am. I can admit it, I am a penny pincher at times and do find that I have a hard time spending the money on things to decorate with.

But here I am, at the place where I want to walk in my house and love what I see. SO.... it's time for a HOME MAKEOVER! Now, I can't do this alone, and we always have heard that two heads are better than one. So, give me some great ideas, share some great stores to find some great stuff, or tell me some of the great crafts that you have seen or done!

I can't wait to hear from ALL of you and get this party started!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anniversary Part 2 -Finally!! :)

So it only took a few months to get this posted! :) I started out so good....and then it quickly went down hill.

So James and I went to Cozumel last Summer with my sisters and their boyfriends to celebrate our one year anniversary! It was so much fun and we had a blast swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing!

Here is the view from the plane coming into Cozumel!
Then when we came into the airport this is how we landed and got out! Megan said she felt like the President! haha!Here is the view from our rooms and some pictures of all of us together!

This trip was so much fun! I can't wait to take another family vacation together!