Sunday, January 10, 2010

My life as a golfer's wife!!

My husband has a few say the least :) One of them is golf, and I have to say he's pretty good. Since the beginning of our relationship this has been a fun time that we can relax and enjoy together. Golf courses can really be a peaceful place when you listen to nature around you and look around at all the pretty plants, ponds, animals, and green grass.Through the years I have evolved from the girlfriend that road in the golf cart eating star bursts, and sunflower seeds (our constant golfing snack) to the wife that has her own golf clubs and can actually make contact with a ball and have it go in the right direction, but still pretty much rides in the golf cart eating star bursts and sunflower seeds :) haha!!

Last year James qualified to play in the Houston Amateur Competition! I was so proud of him and It was a lot of fun watching him play. His mom and I walked to whole coarse together while James' dad caddied for him. This is his first tee off of the competition. His mom and I literally had just got there and took this picture! We had to stop at Starbucks!!
James and he's dad waiting for his turn to hit his ball.
There is his name on the score board!
So this is it so far, but I am sure that I will have more of this life to share with you!

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  1. Way to go James!! YOu're basically a gold pro anyway...!! Sarah