Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finding my inspiration for my home makeover!

Have you ever felt like taking everything out of your house, trashing it, and starting all over?! Well that's pretty much where I am. I can admit it, I am a penny pincher at times and do find that I have a hard time spending the money on things to decorate with.

But here I am, at the place where I want to walk in my house and love what I see. SO.... it's time for a HOME MAKEOVER! Now, I can't do this alone, and we always have heard that two heads are better than one. So, give me some great ideas, share some great stores to find some great stuff, or tell me some of the great crafts that you have seen or done!

I can't wait to hear from ALL of you and get this party started!!


  1. You need to go to the place called Home Source!! It's the best home furniture and interesting things. It's an import store so they don't always have the same thing. And pretty reasonable prices. They have a location at I-10 and the beltway and Post Oak by the Galleria.
    Have fun! I'm sure your house looks cute right now, but it's always fun to do more!

  2. Thanks Holly!! I have never heard of this place! I'm so excited to go check it out now!

  3. Yay! I am so excited that you are posting again! Girl, you need to come to Dallas where we can shop with mom's tax ID taxes and dealers that aren't open to the public! Otherwise; Tuesday morning,Home Goods (usually next to a TJ max), and thrift stores (really great for furniture that usually just needs a new paint job). Hope that Helps and also hope that yall had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  4. Hi: Call Jason and Sarah...they are the dynamic duo on "Extreme MakeOver" of our house. It does help to have someone else make suggestions.
    Love your blog. Keep it up...very cool. I can scrapbook; but not blog! njg