Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am a proud Mommy!

Today my little man let me put him down twice without waking up and
he slept for longer than 15 minutes after being put down!

I know your probably thinking what is the big deal?!?

Well G-man (as hubby likes to call him) can take a great nap when being held!
See exhibit A and B...

Here is the problem... he hates to be swaddled! He immediately begins squirming and whining in frustration as he tries to pull his arms out from the blanket.

So he always startles himself awake when you try to lay him down. It doesn't matter how long you let him sleep before trying, he always wake. He can some times lay in a swing or bouncer but when flat he always wakes!

Well today (the day he turned 10 weeks old I will add) he finally did it!

I rocked him to sleep the first time, Daddy rocked him to sleep the second

we laid him down

stepped back

watched.....and watched.....

This is what we got! Not once.......

 But twice!!

(Outfit change was due to spit up)

And of course I had to take pictures like any proud Mama would do!! As you can see he loves to have his hands free ;)

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  1. Awwwwww! What a cutie!

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  2. What a sweetheart! Once you get the sleep down it gets a lot easier! =)

  3. YAY! Isn't it such a proud mommy moment when they'll finally sleep laying down? It took Jack forever to sleep in his bed. He slept in a bouncy chair for at least the first month.