Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letters to my baby!

Today is January 5th

Hey Little Man! Well as you can see, it is after the new year and for my resolution I am going to get caught up on your letters! So as I said in your last letter your birth was a bit of a world wind! To keep with that theme you gave us a bit of a scare the first day and a half you were born. You were having trouble keeping your temperature up and the nurses would take you and rush you back under the special lamp I told you about to get your temperature back up. They had to do this twice and said if we needed to do it again they would need to take you to the NICU. This is a special nursery where they watch you very closely and Mommy and Daddy wouldn't be able to hold you as much. We were really happy that this didn't happen! You will see in the pictures of you that we always had you bundled up in blankets to help keep you warm!
 Here you are on your birthday with Honey and Grandpa

 And you Granny and Papa meeting you for the first time!
 You and Aunt Katy
 Aunt Megan and Sean holding you!
 Here is Daddy and Mommy holding you!
 And this is Mommy's favorite first picture of you and Daddy!

 Your Aunt Jackie also got to see you in the nursery but had to leave, and Grandpa and Grandma came to see you the night your were born. As you can tell, you are very loved by many people!

Love you bunches,

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