Thursday, December 9, 2010

Letters to my baby!

Today is December 3rd

Hey Little Man! I am a little behind on updating you on what all has gone on! A LOT has changed since I updated you last, as I am actually watching you sleep next to me right now!

Well, everything was going pretty well. Mommy was going to the doctor to watch you and make sure you were growing and that Mommy was healthy. When Mommy went back to work her blood pressure started going up so the doctors were watching us closely.
When I was 29 weeks pregnant with you I had another doctors appointment. At this appointment you decided to lay kind of funny which made you seem big so the doctors wanted to take a few pictures of you to make sure you weren't growing to fast! Luckily everything was just fine and they guessed that you weighed about 4 pounds then. I was happy because Daddy was able to barely get there in time to get some great pictures of you! Here you are at 29 weeks in Mommy's tummy.

Your Aunts and Grandparents were really excited to get these surprise pictures of you!

A few weeks later Mommy and Daddy went to get 3D pictures of you taken. These are pictures that show more details about what you will look like! It was so neat to see. Daddy had also gotten a new phone that would take video so he took video's of us seeing you and we also got to take a dvd home of you moving around.

It took a little while to get these pictures of you! You were not in the mood to have your picture taken this day, you would move your head, put your hands in front of your face, and even your feet!

Everyone was really excited to see these pictures of you! We could not wait to meet to and see your sweet face in person! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and will always cherish these special pictures of you!

We love you bunches,

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