Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new found LOVE!

I have recently found my new love and it is the season FALL! I am so excited for this season to start! I have never been a huge "fall person" at all, but this year it is totally different! I am totally surrounded by this warm feeling when I think about it! I want to redecorate my house in fall decorations! I went to Hobby Lobby this past weekend and loved everything I saw. Lets not even talk about the Christmas decorations they have out too!!! I am so excited and I actually think I know where this excitement is coming from.....

This is the season that my son will be born! I will have my first baby in November, and quickly celebrate my first two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with him. It is such a "mommy" feeling! I have always loved holidays but this year is so different! For the first time I feel like I am seeing this holiday season through my Mother's eyes, or maybe my mommy eyes :)


  1. Im decorating this year, too! Sean's mom gave me some halloween decorations that are really cute. Makes me feel like an adult :) the house looks great and I really like the pumpkins in the kitchen!


  2. Is he there yet?:) Sounds exciting!

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