Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letters to my baby!

Today is September 26th

Hey little man! It has been so long since I have been able to stop and write to you! Ever since Mommy has gone back to work everything has been so crazy. It has been really neat coming back to work for my 5th year of teaching with you with me. When we finished my 4th year you were still pretty small, many people knew about you but I don't think everyone at work knew because when I came back after Summer vacation there were some surpised faces! You have definitely gotten bigger!! So much has happened and I will update you on all of it!

One of the most exciting accomplishments that Mommy and Daddy have done is choosing your name! A person's name is so important and we put a lot of thought into yours! We have decided your name will be

Gavin Jack Terry!

We really love it and hope you do too! I am going to work really hard to update you on everything!! Love you so much little man!


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