Saturday, December 11, 2010

Letters to my baby!

Today is December 7th

    Hey little man! You are taking a nap right now so I wanted to quickly fill you in on the wonderful parties everyone threw for you before you were here! While Mommy was pregnant with you, we were fortunate enough to have three baby showers thrown for us! You Honey and Aunts Katy and Megan threw the first one at Honey's house.

This is the diaper cake that they made you! You used every one of those diapers! :) They all worked really hard on making goodies for everyone to eat including cute monkey cupcakes and lion cookies!

We then played games, like which candy bar is in the diaper :), and opened great presents for you to use!

     The second baby shower was at your Granny's house! She has ordered a really cute cake from The Cake Lady near her house. I loved this cake! Your room is decorated in a jungle theme and this cake was perfect to match it!
This was also a really fun shower full of games, great friends and family, and wonderful gifts for you and Mommy! Your Aunt Jackie went with your Granny to pick up decorations and she found all this stuff for Mommy to where during the shower, here is a very swollen Mommy in her get up!

    Our last shower was at Mommy's work. All of the teachers that teach third grade with Mommy threw us a shower! They worked so hard and did such a great job! They made lasagna, one of Mommy's favorites, with salad and garlic bread. One of the ladies husbands made to bread by hand just for the shower and it was delicious! They also had a very cute cake made! Mommy was so touched by everything that was given to us and how hard everyone worked to make this a special time for us! A friend of Mommy's had gone to the store everyday over the summer to save up wipes for you until she had 52 boxes! 52 BOXES!! I could not believe it! That was so sweet! Your closet it full of wipes right now! :)

There was a lot of people excited for you and they have all loved meeting you now that you are here! 

Love you so much,

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  1. Hard to believe how much has happened since just doesn't seem that long ago!!