Saturday, July 10, 2010

A sisters weekend!

My middle sister recently graduated college (YEA!!!) and is now living close to my mom and step dad, and my youngest sister in Central Texas. With my husband and I living in Katy, a little over 2 hours away, we don't all get to meet up as much as we would like!

A few weeks ago my two sisters and my youngest sisters boyfriend came down and stayed with us in Katy! We spent a day on the Kemah boardwalk and had a really fun time!

It started off with my husband wanting to go to the boat show. His big dream is to get a boat and has really tried convincing me to let him get one now by telling me how great it will be for our little boy to get to go out fishing with his Daddy! As you might already know, I am 5 months pregnant, so I'm thinking we have a few years to save up! haha

So we were not all super excited to go check out these awesome boats....but we entertained ourselves!
Here we are during our photo op :)
Don't mind the boat shoppers in the back ground! hahaAfter our photo op... I mean the boat show, we headed out for Kemah! We did a lot of walking and looking around at all there little shops. We then took a little break from the Texas heat and went into an aquarium to look at all the different types of sea creatures they had!

Before we knew it my husband had bought food for us to feed the sting rays!! It was actually a little wierd to feeling them eating from your hand!This is my husband getting ready to feed a sting ray and Sean, my sisters boyfriends, being "pregnant" with me with the basketball we had won at the arcade. Haha he is so supportive!

On our way out they had all these life like animals. Growing up my two sisters and I were taught by my Mom how to draw an elephant so it kind of became a symbol for us. We had to take a picture with the elephant and emailed it to our Mom!We finished the night by sitting and watching this cover band that was playing in the center of the boardwalk. One of the songs they sang was Proud Mary and when they got to the part that says, "Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river!" This cute couple was dancing right along with the music!It was so cute! At one point the husband stopped dancing and his wife hit his arm as if to say, "Keep dancing!" It was too funny!

Our "sisters weekend" was a lot of fun! I can't wait to get together again soon!

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  1. Such pretty girls!! You guys should have gotten out there and danced!!