Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letters to my baby!

Today is July 20th

I am so excited! Last night Mommy and Daddy went and saw the movie Inception. We really liked it and I think you did too because you were moving around! Now ever since I started feeling you moving I would try to get Daddy to feel you on my belly. We have tried and tried but Daddy just hasn't been able to catch you moving.

Well, last night as we were watching the movie you started moving right above my belly button on my right side. I quickly grabbed Daddy's hand and put it where you were moving. And guess what!?! Daddy felt you! He looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up to ask if that was you moving and I shook my head yes. We both smiled and Daddy said that it felt so cool to feel you kick! Mommy has wanted to share this feeling of you kicking with Daddy for so long and I am so excited that he got to yesterday! We love you so much little man!



  1. So cool that Dad is finally able to catch the little guy in motion!! I bet he was thrilled!!

  2. That is the best! LJ hid from Daddy for a long time too, so it was so awesome when he finally got to feel his little man. Though that was the start of baby olympics in my belly, so get ready!

  3. Hello! I am over from New Friend Friday! Congratulations about the upcoming baby, how exciting! This is such a special (and nerve wracking- ha!) time, I know you are having a lot of fun. Love the brown and pink blog design. Take care!