Thursday, July 15, 2010

"The girls"

Some will laugh at me, but I have been known to flip my car around on several occasions to save a turtle on the side of the road. What can I say, I have always been an animal lover! I believe it has been bestowed in me ever since I was little from my mother and grandmother. There love of animals is well known, so much so that about six years ago when we lost my grandmother some wonderful people donated money to our local animal shelter in her honor!

My love of animals, along with my husbands, did not fall short at our house either as we are the owners of three beautiful girls!
This is Mia. My husband surprised his parents his senior year in high school by bringing this sweet yellow lab home with him one day! She is a very sweet dog that you would swear had the soul of a grandmother. I was introduced to Mia when I met my husband in college. He had brought me to his parents house to meet everyone and when I went to meet Mia she curled her lips up and showed her teeth! The funny thing is she didn't make a growling sound and she was swinging her head around as if she was excited. I was so confused until my husband explained to me that she "smiles." It seems that it is a hereditary trait as her father and brother also did this. Now when family comes over to visit us we always try to excite her to see her "smile!"The next in line as far as age is Tilli. I got Tilli after my freshman year in college. She was such a cute little puppy. She was the runt of her litter so she is smaller than your traditional West Highland White Terrior or Westie. My favorite feature of Tilli's is her tail. They believe that she must have been pushed up against a bone in her mommy's tummy because she was born with a twist in her tail that makes it curl back up like a pig's tail. She is best know for her craze of balls! If you dare throw a ball for her she will continue to bring it to you; even put it in your lap if she thinks you haven't seen it yet. And she cannot be tired out from retrieving it, believe me!The youngest of the puppy bunch is Bailey. My husband brought Mia to our family and I brought Tilli so after we got married we brought Bailey to the family together. Bailey is a sweet girl and has a very sweet heart! I have to say that Mia and Tilli are older, and calmer at this point in their lives, than our Bailey. She is a one year old black lab and she definitely has a lot of that puppy energy! She loves attention and loves to be pet. My favorite thing about her is that she really does want to please you! When you try petting another dog she will push her way between you and that dog so you will pet her, yet if you tell her to sit and wait she really will try, for a little while, to follow those directions. It reminds me of a small child staring at a ice cream cone waiting for its parents to let them eat it!

So these are our sweet girls, the three sisters! I wonder what they are going to think when our little boy invades the house in November! :) hehe, we will see......

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  1.'s going to be a race to see who gives who the most trouble. I can just see in a couple of years, one little boy, one little Westie, and a really worn out tennis ball!!