Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh to create my baby boy's nursery!

And so it starts!

We now know that it will be our sweet baby boy coming to meet us in November! So it is time to really get started! My husband and I are pretty sure that we would like to have a jungle theme for our little man but really need to decided how we would like to carry this out. In college I took an art class where I really found my joy of art. I will be the first to admit that I am not the most creative at all, but I do find it relaxing and fun!

Before I was pregnant I had envisioned painting the walls with big trees and grass with jungle animals everywhere. Now that I am pregnant I want to stay away from the paint fums for our little man and my wonderful husband and family members have offered to paint the nursery for me. So I have decided to go with a more simple paint choice for the walls and fill the room with jungle and animal print things instead.

I can admit (and my husband would quickly agree) that I have a hard time deciding on what I like. I just went to hobby lobby the other day trying to find something for a centerpiece for our dining room table. I thought that I would be able to just walk in and see what they had and be inspired! Needless to say, I walked out with no centerpiece! I should have known that I have to walk in with some kind of direction!!

So for this nursery I have already started my research. I googled to find different nursery pictures that I liked from other people so I could get some ideas of what I liked!I came across this picture and loved this green color!And in this picture I really liked how soft it looked with the drapping over the crib and soft paint colors but wasn't sure if it would look too "girly."I thought these horizontal strips looked really fun! And although we have carpet in our nursery room, this zebra rug is really cute!But I think this lattice accent wall is my favorite! I was thinking of maybe doing this in a soft taupe color.

I don't really know yet (remember how I said it was hard to make up my mind? :) I really need to hurry and make a decision though so I can get it done before my summer break as a teacher is over! Feel free to share any of your ideas or opinions you have!! Two heads are better than one! :)


  1. I love all these inspiration colors! That green color I have in my dinning room and I LOVE it. I love the stripes too!

  2. Such cute ideas! I did LJ's room in a soft grey/blue tat is an accent color in his bedding, with chocolate brown furniture. His bedding is monkey with an adorable "monkey skin" rug. I never thought I would use store bought bedding, but it was just so cute I couldn't pass it up!

    Good luck! It's always so tough to choose!

  3. Yay nursery :) I loooove the second and fourth rooms. The beige/white in the second looks great. Not girly. The accent wall on the fourth would look so good too....maybe using the white/beige!

    Name a weekend and I'm there, can't wait :)


  4. We did the jungle theme and the stripes! I will tell you right now that stripes are not fun. It was HARD work...I love the way it looked so we did it anyway...but man it was hard. Here are pics of cohen's room:

  5. I love your chandelier! I recently found one for my daughter's room and painted it white. It adds so much to the room. She calls it her "princess light."