Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letters to my baby!

Today is February 6th

Hey little man! I can't believe you are 3 months old now! Time seems to be flying by so fast. You have grown so much and seem to have learned so many new things. You are really good at holding your head up! When people see you they all tell us how impressed they are at how great you can hold your head. You have also been called one of the happiest babies! Not because you never get upset, because sometimes you do, but because most of the time you are smiling, giggling, and talking to everyone! You are happiest right after you wake up, these are some of our favorite moments! And when it comes to sleep, I feel so BLESSED! You sleep from around 10 pm to 7 am when we wake you up to put you in the car  to go to the baby sitter, Jennifer's, house. Then you fall right back to sleep in the car! You are one great sleeper! It is  so cute to watch you hit any hanging toy and get so excited to see that you can move it.
You continue to amaze us everyday and prove that there is never a limit to the amount of love you can have for someone! We love you G man!

 Love you bunches,
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  1. awwww, he is adorable!! I love writing letters to my sons- they are so fun to read later on! =)

    Nice to meet ya!


  2. awwww....How sweet! Love your site....I gave it an award! Go to to accept it!

  3. Your mom sent me : ) Well, I hopped over from her blog...your baby is adorable! Enjoy these sweet days.

  4. I found you on blog hop through your mama! I am now following you, would you please follow me too?

  5. Many years ago, when my son was just a baby I sat down and wrote a letter (pre-blog days!) to him, very similar to this. It was an outpouring of the joy he brought to our lives. This brings back many memories. Thanks for sharing.