Thursday, June 25, 2009

My First Post

So I have decided to start my own blog!

I am pretty excited to start one. I follow a few and am always really interested in reading their latest post and seeing what is happening in their lives so I thought why not do one of my own?!? So here it is!!

I asked myself what would the point be of my blog...why do I want to do one? Well, I have never had a diary, don't really write in a journal, but I love the idea of looking back in say 5 years and seeing my life and our journey right there typed infront of me! (But of course with cute pictures and comments from my favorite people!) I am an internet junky and love searching the web, so this is definitely the way to go for me!

I decided to title my blog With "Faith, Family, and Friends" because of two reasons. First, I love this saying, it sums up the most important parts of my life and it is the moto all over our house! We have signs, pictures, and even "Uppercase Living" stencils of this saying everywhere. The second reason is that I felt that it really fit the way I feel about life. Through all the hard times in the journey of life, we will get through it With "Faith, Family, and Friends!"


  1. cute idea!! i dont know if i could keep up with one but i like reading yours!!

  2. Allyn - what a wonderful blogspot!! This is awesome! Can't wait to find out what you'll be up to next!

    Sarah Schimmer

  3. I love it, Allyn. Thanks for sharing your life with us in this way!


  4. Sean & I really enjoyed seeing the pic's. Great job on your blog site. I can't think of when we'll be seeing you and James next - March is the next b-day (Sue & Joyce - oh yeah, and Halley). Talk at you later, gater!