Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer break has started...

And I think the baby has taken over the living room! :)

I promise the living room doesn't normally look like this, but baby G is having a blast playing!

He is rolling sooo much now! We started with a smaller square blanketed area where G would play on his tummy, but more and more he was rolling everywhere, so we had to expand the play area!!!

After nap time, I'd better get this up before Daddy gets home! :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and Happy Father's Day!


  1. Oh so cute, I love when babies begin to roll around and play!

  2. Aw, I loooove this! He's such a freakin sweetheart :] The colored square mats look really handy! I can't wait to see all of y'all!!

    <3Aunt Megan

  3. Awe..too cute! My living room has been taken over by my 1 yr old grandson this week. I clean it up when he takes a nap. When he wakes up he looks around the room for his toys. He's like me...expects everything to be where he left it!

  4. I love this stage, how sweet!

  5. Jen Greyson has got me trying out the Tuesday Train and it is soooo fun. I have a Facebook account that I need to use more but I do most everything over at Jenny Hansen's Blog.

    I have a 13 month old so there are lots of blogs on parenting, plus writing, etc.

  6. so cute :)
    i'm a new follower from Tuesday train hop,thanks for the hop would love you to follow back

  7. So cute! I've been following your mama for a little while, and now I'm following you.

  8. Awww, looks like he was playing hard and got tired!!

  9. oh my goodness. So cute!

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  10. Aww! So cute! And please, that's not messy...Just baby stuff! I think any mom would understand, so don't worry. =)

    New follower from Tuesday Train. Thanks for hosting!

  11. I realize the "And please..." sounded kinda snarky, it wasn't meant to be. It was more of a reassuring-you-have-nothing-to-worry-about comment.